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What the petition says
Minnesota deserves artistic excellence. I support keeping world-class musicians in the Minnesota Orchestra so that all Minnesotans may continue to enjoy extraordinary orchestral music.

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*Update* – including the 1000 signatures collected at the Lake Harriet concert on September 16th, we are now nearing a total of 5000 signatures! Help us keep the momentum going by passing on the petition to your family and friends!

What fans have said in support of the petition:

“The Minnesota Orchestra has been hailed as one of, perhaps THE greatest orchestra in the world. It is a treasure for our state! We must recognize them as such and let this wonderful cultural institution remain as strong as ever. As a professional musician and a music educator, I stand in solidarity with the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra.”
-Ann D

“We have been subcribers for many years and care deeply about the Orchestra and its musicians. The musicians need to be treated fairly. We’ve already lost some outstnading ones–and can’t afford to lose more.”
-James Proman

“I find it unbelievable that a city like Minneapolis, that at least in the past has had the foresight to direct it’s energies towards developing a center in the Midwest for the arts, would jeapordize to this extent being the home of a first class orchestra. What has happened to the leadership of the arts in Minneapolis?”
-Thea Sager