Rally with the Locked-Out Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra!

Thursday, November 1, Noon, Peavey Plaza at 12th Street and Nicollet Mall

Please join us with your Support Musicians signs to mark one month of being locked-out.

Help us bring world-class music back to our community!

7 thoughts on “Rally with the Locked-Out Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra!

  1. The musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra deserve our full support. They are collectively one of the finest ensembles in the country, and we the people want to keep it that way. The management should realize that without the caliber of musicians the Minnesota Orchestra now employs, everyone loses. Without these fine players, the entire organization collapses. The whole management team must be made to understand that every one of them (the administrators from the president on down) will be out of work pronto if our Orchestra is turned into a ‘junior varsity’ ensemble. This must not happen! If management cannot reach a reasonable agreement with the musicians now, they should resign immediately to make way for a new team of more sensible negotiators.

    • I wish I could be with you in person as I support the members of the Orchestra 100 percent, and I have carefully but emphatically advocated on your behalf. I will be with you in spirit today and always and wish you true and great success.

      Penny Dobbins

  2. I wouldn’t miss it! After 37 years of daily trying to convince young minds that the pursuit of elegance and beauty is a honorable goal I’m now a retired music educator. I am also an usher enjoying assisting others in their experience listening to our orchestra.

    It is my view and belief that there is a fair and attainable solution for all parties. All parties have a responsibility to preserve, maintain and nurture our orchestra. Simply stated, it is iconic in our culture. I will be there … It is a matter of conscience!

    Rich Hahn
    Forest Lake, MN

  3. Wish I could be there. Living on the other side of the planet, I am unable to get there, but I am going to be there in spirit, for sure, in solidarity with the musicians and the true fans.

  4. I am a professional conductor and began listening to the Minnesota Orchestra when it was called the Minneapolis Symphony. It is truly one of the greatest orchestras in the world. I can’t believe Minnesota’s residents will let this incredible ensemble deteriorate. As a former Minnesotan, I am embarrassed that the state in which I grew up is losing interest in those things that make it a great state. You have a world class orchestra with world class musicians. Come on Minnesota, show the world you have the world class residents to keep this orchestra as well as the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra on top.

    • I am not so sure it is Minnesota that is so called letting this happen. I am a Minnesotan and am very proud of the our state that we have a world class orchestra! But, I agree that this is a shame and management needs to realize the orchestra we have and that they deserve as much as a professional athlete or other actor. My full support to the Minnesota Orchestra Musicians!

      • But certainly, our elected officials (many of them DFL’ers as in Democratic-Farmer-LABOR Party) appear to be doing nothing to prevent the Minnesota Orchestra from being destroyed. They are the representatives of the people of Minnesota, after all. Where is the DFL Governor of Minnesota, or the two DFL U.S. Senators, or the DFL Mayor of Minneapolis? This union-busting activity is happening under THEIR watch!

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