Minnesota Orchestra Musicians Urge Management
Not to Cancel More Concerts 

MINNEAPOLIS – The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra today saw a doubling in support from fans and supporters at its monthly rally at Peavey Plaza outside the $50 million renovation of the new lobby.  The rally marked the one-month anniversary of Musicians of the “World’s Greatest Orchestra” being locked out by Management.

The Musicians called on Management not to cancel more concerts and allow the Musicians to return to the stage, and for all parties to return to the negotiating table.

“We urge the Board and Management of the Minnesota Orchestra to forgo further cancellations and return to the negotiating table to discuss a realistic contract proposal for the Musicians,”  Tim Zavadil said.  “The Musicians are still prepared to play and talk.”

The Musicians have offered three counter-proposals to Management:
–       To play and talk under the current contract with a guarantee of no strike.
–       To submit the new contract to binding arbitration.
–       To conduct an independent financial analysis of the Orchestra’s finances.

Management has refused to even discuss any of the Musicians proposals.

The Musicians were locked out by management on Oct. 1st, 2012.

 The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra would like to thank the hundreds of supporters that gathered with us today at Peavey Plaza to mark one month of being locked-out. With your support, we will keep a world-class orchestra for our community.


3 thoughts on “RALLY SIZE DOUBLES

  1. What an ironic twist that the world class Minnesota Orchestra has a board and management with apparently NO class at all.

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