Our Response to Further Concert Cancellations

The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra are deeply disappointed about management’s decision to cancel more concerts, despite a Minneapolis City Council resolution discouraging this. We remain ready, willing and able to return to our positions on the concert stage and at the negotiating table.

Bass Clarinetist Tim Zavadil puts it in our own words, “At least the millionaires and billionaires of the National Hockey League are talking. The board has rejected our offer to meet multiple times, they have rejected arbitration, and they have rejected an independent financial analysis. Now they have rejected Mayor RT Rybak and the Minneapolis City Council by extending the lockout and canceling more concerts. The Musicians will now try to ensure that our fans have music for the Holiday season.”

7 thoughts on “Our Response to Further Concert Cancellations

  1. Have you ever thought of re organizing as a co-op much as European orchestras?
    Obviously there will be a lot of pain for you the musicians, but within a finite time frame, the “New Symphony Orchestra of Minnesota” would prevail. Community support would ultimately be obtained, and the current board would become subservient to making music instead of self aggrandizement. Once organized for a year or two, I would not be surprised to see the name changed back to the Minnesota Orchestra, and the musicians having a 50% representation on its board.

    The new bricks and mortar of a renewed orchestra hall are quite wonderful, and I would hate to see the new hall empty when it re-opens. But I must encourage you to stay the course. The current board and administration has taken the wrong approach to the alleged financial difficulties. Be aware that there is an awful lot of support for the musician’s cause in this community.

  2. I fully concur with the comments and proposal of Dr. Horowitz. While fault may be found on both sides, the clumsy attempt by MO management and its board of CEOs is to break the Musicians Union. In so doing, they have attempted to drive a wedge between the musicians and those of us who purchase tickets and fill the seats in Orchestra Hall.

    • Yes, Professor Munholland

      Collectively, it is very much about union busting. Individually, I believe there is an almost pathological need to control. What qualifies Michael Henson to be part of the audition process? Absolutely nothing. I think I’ll mail him a crown from Burger King for Christmas. Meanwhile, I miss my orchestra something awful and will continue to do everything I can to help save it.

      P.S. I absolutely loved your class at the U many moon ago and have fond memories of many lively discussions.

  3. The financial management of the Minnesota Orchestra funds declined during the recession, but the cause of the funds not recovering was incompetent manage-ment . The musicians of the orchestra should not be asked to compensate for this incompetence by being offered huge salary cuts. The management has lost the confidence and respect of the contributors to this marvelous orchestra and should be replaced if they want the orchestra to receive future financial support from individual contributors.

  4. I hope that every individual ticket holder who has tickets for the cancelled concerts will ask for a refund and then donate that refund to the Minnesota Orchestra Musicians fund, plus an additional donation if possible. The Orchestra Musicians need all the financial help we can give them.

  5. Since the Minnesota Orchestra Musicians are not at present under contract with the Minnesota Orchestra, I suggest that you find a way to produce both a DVD of the concert and a CD of the Beethoven 9th and advertise them for sale, both locally and nationally, at a modest price (with, if the purchaser so desires, an additional donation to your fund), and advertise in the national media). My guess is that the response would be overwhelming, and would bring your plight to broader national attention.

    Professor Robert Keefe

  6. Let us have The New Symphony Orchestra of Minnesota – a great idea. Financing the Minnesota Orchestra was the oversight duty of the Board. However, the Board is at war with the musicians and their public, and have failed to protect the fiscal integrity of our Minnesota Orchestra. The present Board should be locked out, not our musicians. I know of no other Board for a non-profit institution having acted in so irresponsible and immoral a manner.

    If a reorganization is legally and financially possible without the present Board, let’s have it ASAP. This reply comes from someone who has heard the orchestra since 1964, and thus cannot be silent when the orchestra’s future is being destroyed before our eyes by a Board that has no evident loyalty to the musicians.

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