Musicians Renew Offer to Present Their Position to the Entire Orchestra Board

 MUSICIANS: “Let’s Meet Monday.”
Musicians Renew Offer to Present Their Position to the Entire Orchestra Board

MINNEAPOLIS – The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra today renewed their offer to meet with the entire Board of Directors of the Minnesota Orchestral Association.  After the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor RT Rybak passed a resolution 13-0 today with strong encouragement to return to the negotiating table, the Musicians announced they are prepared to do so as soon as Monday.

The Orchestra’s management and board are meeting Monday at 12 noon, and the Musicians are prepared to sit down and share with the entire board their deep concerns about the contract proposal.

“Yesterday we urged management not to cancel more concerts, today the City Council urged all sides to sit down and work this out,” said Tim Zavadil, chair of the negotiating committee.  “Since the Orchestra Board is meeting Monday it would be a good time to take the Mayor’s message seriously.”

The Musicians have offered three counter-proposals to Management:

–       To play and talk under the current contract with a guarantee of no strike.

–       To submit the new contract to binding arbitration.

–       To conduct a joint-independent financial analysis of the Orchestra’s finances.

Management has refused to even discuss any of the Musicians’ proposals.

The Musicians were locked out by management on Oct. 1st, 2012.



13 thoughts on “Musicians Renew Offer to Present Their Position to the Entire Orchestra Board

  1. “. . .[A] good time to take the Mayor’s message seriously.” I love it! Seriously, their ideological stubborness and philistinism stuns me. In a podunk town like Louisville that attitude was brutal and infuriating, but at least a little more understandable. But in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

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  3. If they sold tickets to board meetings, they’d balance the budget in no time! There are thousands of people who would LOVE to attend this meeting.

  4. Do not change the mission of the orchestra. It should be classical music. I heard
    Jorja Frezanis play yesterday, even better than before. Do not discriminate against
    older players. Older players skills need to bring out the best in younger players.
    Only music matters. We don’t need a fancy lobby, only the hall itself with good acoustics. Skrowaczewski is a example of skills not diminishing by age.

  5. Dear Management and Board

    We are paying attention. We have had enough of your “explanations” and excuses
    and misinformation. Start behaving like civilized adults and listen to what the patrons and musicians are saying to you. You do not have all the answers and you have been stumbling over your own arrogance pretending that you do.

  6. A letter sent to the Minnesota Orchestra:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am infuriated that your attitude towards those who subscribe to this great orchestra is, “eh, who cares?”

    Why is the Board and management so resistant to binding arbitration? It seems clear there is no other way to end this stand-off. Yet, the arrogance and fear you seem to be displaying is nothing short of cowardice.

    When the Orchestra begins to play again, I will continue to subscribe. I would even pay a higher season ticket price to hear this great orchestra. But your niggardly and sniveling attitude toward the musicians is insulting.

    Be assured, I will not give any money to the Minnesota Orchestra Association for many years. I will direct my contributions, small as they are, to the Musician’s Pension Fund, if that is allowed, or to other organizations that have demonstrated that they take the organization’s mission and interests of their audiences to heart.

    David W. Schwarz

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  8. Re Michael Henson’s remarks on MPR: My God! Can Henson be that stupid and unfeeling? As if any musician would work for less just to live here. It takes MONEY to live here–especially to live here. And nowhere does he address the level of excellence this orchestra has risen to, as if they can be replaced with the snap of one’s fingers. Is everyone completely stupid? There must be some terribly destructive chemical in the air that some are breathing in. I don’t get it at all!

  9. I’m sorry to say, Ann yes, I think he can be. He is getting very sloppy with his outrageous comments. The only positive aspect of this tragedy is that now, people who have not been paying close attention but like classical music and support the orchestra, are completely shocked by his bizarre behavior and comments. I don’t think Michael Henson is stupid. I think he is very disconnected from reality and is so full of his own arrogance, he cannot consider the possibility that others might have something to contribute. He clearly has not given any thought to his future career.
    No orchestra in their right mind would ever hire him after this disaster.

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