Minneapolis StarTribune Letter to the Editor, October 6, 2012

As former music directors of the Minnesota Orchestra, we came to the state because we believe that it wants and deserves to have a world-class orchestra.

We are proud of the cultural gem we have built, with the musicians, for more than half a century. It required long and careful work to assemble a championship team, person by person, always building on a vision of superb music-making.

This legacy can be swiftly destroyed, a tragedy not only for lovers of great music, but for the cultural soul and significance of the region.

An orchestra does not recover easily, from such drastic cuts, if ever. We urge the Minnesota Orchestral Association to do everything in its power to preserve this longstanding jewel.


3 thoughts on “Minneapolis StarTribune Letter to the Editor, October 6, 2012

  1. Mismanagement of our MN Orchestra subordinated the musicians to the mezzanine and surrounding construction. For that the Board should be replaced by a new Board dedicated to sustaining Osmo Vanska’s leadership and the musicians’ extraordinary excellence in concert with him.

  2. It is extraordinary that these three music directors have made a statement together. The work that the musicians and music directors, including Sommerfest directors, have done to create a world class symphony orchestra has taken decades. The administration and board have shown foresight in building that legacy as exemplified by orchestra tours, educational outreach, and season programming.

    It is odd that the large renovation project of the concert hall happens at the very moment of the contract failings. The venue for the orchestra is directly linked to the MOA’s success in creating and sustaining a passionate audience. The rebuilding of a great concert hall is occurring at the same time as the requested constriction of the musician’s salaries. That’s no way to do business.

    Having had the privilege to work with these music directors, many of the current musicians, and the MOA, I support the comments of the directors here and hope that the conflicts be resolved to sustain the musicians and the level of performance that is exciting to Minnesota audiences.

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