Message of Support from the Musicians of the Chicago Symphony


Engaged in a bitter labor dispute, our colleagues in the Minnesota Orchestra have been locked out for three consecutive weeks, and the lockout is set to continue for three more weeks, for a total of six, with no new negotiation meetings scheduled. The musicians have been faced with demands, including a massive reduction in salary, that threaten the nature and quality of this excellent orchestra.

Our conductor tonight, Osmo Vänska, is the Music Director of the Minnesota Orchestra. The Musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra ask Osmo Vänska to use his influence to persuade the Board and Management to negotiate in a spirit of compromise and respect. The musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra support their Minnesota colleagues in their efforts to achieve a contract that will preserve The Minnesota Orchestra.

We urge you to visit the website
or visit
Send a message supporting
The musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra

The Members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra thank you for your interest and support.

Thank you from:
The members and officers of the Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208
American Federation of Musicians

This appeal is to the public. We are not asking any individual to refuse to pick up, deliver or transport any goods or to refuse to perform any services.

Minnesota Orchestra violinist Peter McGuire and contrabassoonist Norbert Nielubowski, who were substitute musicians with the CSO for the concerts with Osmo Vänskä, help distribute leaflets to CSO audiences.

3 thoughts on “Message of Support from the Musicians of the Chicago Symphony

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  2. I’m a member of Local 10-208 and I am heartened that our local sent this message. Musicians, music lovers, and supporters of the fight against the general attack on workers everywhere should support the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra. And hats off to Maestro Skrowaczewski for his unwavering support of the musicians!

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