4 thoughts on “Thank you Osmo Vänskä!

    • Ezra,
      We want you to know that we are also exceedingly proud of your father. The strength and courage that he has shown in the face of adversity is admirable—add to that the excellent timpani playing that he recently did on the Sibelius concert and you have a true superstar!
      We know how hard it is for you and your sister right now. Thank you for staying strong for your parents, who both have served the community of music of the Twin Cities in such a steadfast and honorable way. Our hearts go out to you and the children of all of the Musicians.
      THe PR Committee

  1. Yes, Thank you Osmo,
    What a concert! And Oh —that encore. Let’s just say I know why the Russians left and leave it at that. Here’s to many more concerts to come.

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